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So as I get new parts in or add a new vendor, I like to install items on my beloved 65 VW, aka Pimptina aka Bad Apple. Now my car is not a show winner, but a driver. Nevertheless, I like to treat it right. When I recently received the opportunity to get my hands on some beautiful billet aluminum from FastFab, I could not resist installing some of these replacement gas tank clamps. These things are pure billet sexiness. Packaging is top quality with the clamps, washers and bolts all sealed in separate pouches to avoid damage and scratching. ...

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VW Cup Holder -

So Phoenix gets pretty darn hot in the summer with temps well above 100 from June-August it is a requirement to have a cold beverage in my no AC bug. A bit earlier this year I decided I would stop by my local QuikTrip for a refreshing beverage. I decided to go for the the 80's styrofoam cup in hopes it would stay cool a bit longer. Now I have tried the ashtray cup holder and the basket cup holder and neither of them offer any success in holding beverages. The cup holder is too close to the shifter and...

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