Billet Gas Tank Hold Downs.

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Billet Gas Tank Hold Downs.

So as I get new parts in or add a new vendor, I like to install items on my beloved 65 VW, aka Pimptina aka Bad Apple. Now my car is not a show winner, but a driver. Nevertheless, I like to treat it right. When I recently received the opportunity to get my hands on some beautiful billet aluminum from FastFab, I could not resist installing some of these replacement gas tank clamps. These things are pure billet sexiness. Packaging is top quality with the clamps, washers and bolts all sealed in separate pouches to avoid damage and scratching. 

The installation was a piece of cake. Grab a 13mm (if you can find it. Mine are always hiding) and take off the four gas tank mounting bolts and remove the clamps. Now take the other items out of the package, lay down the clamp, install a washer on a bolt and start the threads by hand. Once you have them going, pull out a 6mm alan head socket or wrench and slowly tighten them all up, hand tight. Simultaneously while you are doing this, feel free to move the tank around and make sure that it is lined up how you want it to sit. Then got ahead and tighten them up and make sure they are all snug. 

Once you have finished your installation, stop and enjoy the look of these tabs and don't be embarrassed to open the trunk of your VW any longer. 


Brian aka DubParts 


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