Air Suspension Kits are running 4-8 weeks.

DubAir Classic VW Front Air Suspension System for Type 1 Beetle Thru 65 (Without Air Management)

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The DubParts DubAir Air Ride System is a bolt in system that includes everything you need to install and run your system. We took away the guesswork,  No welding or replacing spindles. The component design will give you superior lift while improving ride quality. 

Installation has been simplified. You remove your control arms and transfer your steering box and bolt everything back together using our components. This package excludes the air management system so you can design your own. 

  • Narrowed Beam 4", with new torsions 
  • 4" Narrowed Tie Rods
  • Quick Steer Kit
  • New Controls arms with relocated shock mounts. 
  • Front Air Shocks with adapters to run 1/4" air line
  • Instructions and wiring suggestions. 
  • Email tech support.

 It is always recommended that you have your vehicle aligned after installing suspension components. Please refer to a service guide or take your car to a knowledgable shop to have this done. It will give you the best performance out of your new system. 

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