Affiliate Program

We are excited to introduce you to our affiliate program here at DubParts

While this has been in the works for sometime, we have finally found the software we can use to make it a simple and accurate program that allows for consistent and recurring sales commissions.

We provide you with your own link to send customers to the website. Once you send a customer to the website through your link, a cookie will track if that customer returns within 60 days. If they make a purchase in that time the purchase will be logged under your account and you will receive a commission. Once that customer has purchased, they remain your customer and every future purchase gives you the same commission. Commission rates are paid at 5% of every purchase before taxes or shipping. With an AOV (average order value) of more than $400, the opportunity to earn is a solid one. 

All of your customers purchases will be logged in your personal portal so that you can track sales. Your commission payments are made via PayPal on a monthly basis.  

Sign up here to get started. 

Should you have any questions, please let me know.