A VW Cup Holder that Actually Works!

VW Cup Holder -

A VW Cup Holder that Actually Works!

So Phoenix gets pretty darn hot in the summer with temps well above 100 from June-August it is a requirement to have a cold beverage in my no AC bug. A bit earlier this year I decided I would stop by my local QuikTrip for a refreshing beverage. I decided to go for the the 80's styrofoam cup in hopes it would stay cool a bit longer. Now I have tried the ashtray cup holder and the basket cup holder and neither of them offer any success in holding beverages. The cup holder is too close to the shifter and spills, the basket just slides off when I turn corners. Due to this I always stick my drink between the seats, on top of the parking brake. Well my great idea of a styrofoam cup did not work because the stupid parking brake cable stabbed right through the cup and sure enough my drink went all over my newly installed carpet. Thankfully it is black carpet!

Therefore I have searched for a solution and finally it is here. Yes, it is true, Empi actually created a cup holder that works and is a reasonable price. This sucker goes right over your shifter so you don't have to worry about it sliding off like those stupid basket cup holders. Maybe you had one of those ash tray (wood blocks) cup holders that are too small to hold a drink of significant size and  make your dash look ugly. 

Now if you have a parcel tray, like me, you may have some issues with clearance on the large cup holder. I really like the huge drink cups, so I made mine fit in the back and used the seat belt mounts to hold it in and the parking brake is now where the rectangular spare change holder is in the above picture. Below is a photo of my interior with my modified installation. I have also include some picture of it in the standard position. 

This product is now available on our website by clicking right here


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